Car Transporters for sale

At Carlson Vehicle Transfer Ltd

At Carlson Vehicle Transfer we keep our fleet as new as possible and at times we sell off vehicles from within our fleet.

If you are looking to add or start your own fleet here is a list of what we currently have for sale.  If you would like to know anymore about our transporters for sale please contact us.

Some base information is listed below on our current car transporters for sale.

Truck for sale
Truck for sale 2

Scania P420 4×2  and 6×2 2010 plus – We have 11 car transporters for sale due to fleet replacement

  • Rental options available on some stock
  • Opti Cruise
  • Evo 4 Transporter Engineering equipment
  • Full service history
  • Scania maintained
  • full MOT
  • Ready to work


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